We believe that seasoning essential to vegetarian.

The advantage of natural salt is not only the main component of seawater
"sodium chloride",we are contain other trace minerals for essential
to health maintenance.

Commercially available salad oil is extracted with chemicals,
through the process that is purified using,
for example, caustic soda and citric acid and oxalic acid,
has been commercialized.

We tried using the rapeseed oil made by traditional compression method
without the use of chemicals

The soy sauce manufacturing carried out left to the temperature changes
in the natural environment, is called the natural brewing method.
Traditional soy sauce using only the action of microorganisms
(such as yeast, lactic acid bacteria), which is used in brewing
over the three years from one year.

In order to deepen the flavor of soy sauce,
you need a ripening period of about two years.


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